I've run my own businesses for years. I know you're value-conscious because I am too. I'm aware you think paying for work by the hour is as painful as getting to O'Hare airport in a taxi during rush hour - the meter is ticking and you're not going anywhere.  So I charge by the project and at a fair rate. And if I don't deliver value, you don't pay me. That's my fine print.

Yes, I did invent the personal computer and then the Internet. And I've grown up with them. In that time, I've provided a great deal of support & direction to many big shot companies and charged them big business rates for that value. I can provide that value to you because I believe you are a big shot, too. But my rates are reasonable.

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In addition to my business consulting, I am a Board member of the Illinois Audubon Society as well as an environmental activist. I use my skills, knowledge, tools and tactics and experience with digital marketing to pursue my objectives in this area as well. 

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Sonny Cohen