Here are case stories of digital strategy and marketing assistance in which I have participated:

Jill Schmidt Public Relations Website
Public Relations professional Jill Schmidt, Jill Schmidt|PR , upgraded her website to reflect the high quality of her brand, her national reach and the success she has achieved for her clients. We worked with Jill and her staff to capture her brand with dramatic imagery and use pictures and video to showcase her growing client list.

Woman's Club of Wilmette Website
After a third party initiated the site development, this project stalled out. We were referred to the client who was eager to commence a fundraising campaign and had a looming deadline. We completed the project  and launched about 5 weeks after engagement. In the process we also secured free hosting for this not for profit and free upgrade to a secure commerce site. We implemented commerce, calendar, improved design for both desktop and mobile views.

National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC)Website
Referred to this client after they hit an impasse with their existing web developer, we undertook a total redesign of the site within the theme constraints of the WildApricot Membership Software platform. The more substantive part of the project included migrating the site from a sub-domain to the brand domain, upgrading the member search feature an implementing a mobile compatible podcast player

Decadome Website
Entrepreneur and inventor Eric Lipson has cultivated his idea of Decadome, an inexpensive,  easy-to-assemble mobile shelter system for over 20 years. The product is both proven and deployed around the globe. But it is not as well-known as it might be. Together with Eric we explored his business proposition as well as the assets (images, content and video) that he had available to tell his story. The result was a re-imagination of his web presence and the site we have now published.

L. Bradley Schwartz, LLC Website
I could say I developed the
L. Bradley Schwartz website.And that would be accurate. But the real story is how Brad envisioned his very unique added value as a counselor AND personal injury attorney and how I interpreted this value by writing all the site content and managing the development of his first website. The project reflected terrific collaboration between the client and me. The outcome is an effective Internet presence that tells Brad's evolving story. 

Handler & Thayer, LLP
This is a change management story. Handler and Thayer sought to bring their firm into the 20th century. By firm, of course, I mean the group of wildly independent lawyers operating under the Handler Thayer shingle. On an ongoing basis, I have worked with the firm to take control of its
online profiles, improve its email marketing, implement a YouTube channel, update website bios and help the attorneys get their LinkedIn profiles under control. So much, so much to do.

Chapman & Cutler Law Firm

Chapman 1, Google 0. The Chicago-based law firm of Chapman & Cutler was experiencing unusual and undesired results in Google search engines. Not negative information. But when someone searched for the firm by name, Google returned results that provided the name of a specific attorney and his  phone number. As a result, this one attorney was being annoyed with telephone solicitations and other irrelevant calls. I researched both how and why Google was returning this result and resolved the problem.  I also provided consultation so that each of the firm's regional offices would be displayed appropriately and with rich content. Here's a blog post about this experience.

Ira S. Lipkin & Associates
Former IRS agents and CPA Ira S. Lipkin provides IRS tax representation to people seeking relief from actions taken by the IRS or to avoid and mimimize penalties and fees. The firm's 10-year old website included excellent content but was not well organized. Additionally, the site had outlived its technical usefulness and needed to be replaced with one that was mobile friendly and performed well with multiple browsers. In addition to replacing the website and reorganizing the content, we relaunched the site under a more descriptive domain name while also redirecting traffic from the old domain.

Local Root
This locally sourced and organic bistro in Streeterville, Chicago needed to meet its patrons where they are online. I helped the restaurant with messaging, social media, search engine optimization and email marketing as well as fundamental tactics like calendaring events to minimize fire drills.

Personal Injury Law Firm
Over a decade working with this firm I have migrated them fully out of print and into digital. Their integrated paid and organic search marketing working together with social media and original content generation provides a rich source of ongoing leads for their services.

Illinois Audubon Society
As a board member our pro bono effort has been to raise the visibility of conservation initiatives of this independent state non-profit organization. We initiated their social media including a now-robust Facebook page and Twitter account. Working with their internal staff, I moved them off of an unfriendly-to-use PayPal payment account to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that permits them to accept payments for everything from memberships and donations to tickets to events.

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