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The first service I provide is to find out why you would spend a Chicago-minute or a farthing on any of this stuff. If you don't have a good reason, you're fired. But that's ok, because this first discussion is free. Here's the truth: I'll help you find a reason and provide you an honest assessment of whether you can do what you want and what the effort to achieve it would be - money & time - your time.

Almost every engagement begins with some form of audit to find where your business is at online. You only think you need help. I'll validate it - or not. 

How is your website doing? What kind of social media do you have and how are you managing it? Have you claimed your Google profile? The list inquiries goes on.

Now what do we do? Well, together with you we figure that out and give it some priority. You can't do everything at once. And some things are more important than others. I'll help you sort that out.

I know how to do a lot of things. But not everything. Sometimes it does take a village. I can help you find the villagers that will help you, speak with them in their native technical dialect and translate their design & tech-speak into the business language you use.

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