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Temporary Shelter & Storage: Decadome  Website

I developed the Decadome website for Ann Arbor, Michigan entrepreneur Eric Lipson. The site is content manageable by the user including all content, images and site layout. The site presents a mobile stylesheet for visitors using mobile devices with smaller screens.

The Strategy
The Decadome product has existed for over 20 years. The product is deployed as temporary shelter in several locations around the globe. In this time, a lot of valuable assets have been created to tell the Decadome story including both videos and photos. The website that preceded this site failed to present the Decadome story adequately.

I worked with Eric to not only uncover all existing assets but also to better  understand his business proposition so that we could tell his business' story online.  This strategic phase proved to be most valuable as it uncovered important business components such as the desire to create partnerships with third parties. I also helped Eric define specific markets for his product. Is it a temporary shelter to be dropped by helicopter into needy areas? Or is it a greenhouse structure to be sold to homeowners at Lowe’s Home Improvement? The answer is yes to all of the above and the site now presents those many options.

At my recommendation we agreed to use a template solution from GoDaddy. The price was right and the tool provided the flexibility we required to present the content including image slideshows and embedding YouTube videos. This site demonstrates the accessibility of low cost site development tools.

Search Optimization & Analytics
Body copy, meta content, page titles and url addresses were created based on search engine optimization best practices. Google analytics is installed on the site and the site has been verified in Google’s webmaster tools to monitor performance.

Project Tactics

Storage & Temporary Shelter Case Story